Isabel Marant has teamed up with L'Oreal Paris to create a new make-up line.

The Parisian designer and the world-famous brand have decided to join forces in order to create the new collection, which features five key products and is set to launch at Fashion Week in the French capital in September.

She explained: ''I've always interpreted fashion's ready-to-wear literally, and I couldn't be more thrilled at this chance to do that in make-up with an on-the-go collection with L'Oreal Paris.

''It has been a dream to get right inside make-up innovation and to offer this collection of day-into-night, natural-to-smoking make-up essentials I have always wanted.''

The new line will feature products for cheeks and eyes, as well as some lipsticks.

Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, L'Oreal Paris global brand president, has promised that the new line will embody the style and spirit of France's most famous city.

He also hailed Marant as one of the ''great self-made designers today'', adding that she's the perfect person to partner with.

Pierre-Emmanuel said: ''This is a collaboration that's really of the moment: synonymous with Parisian elegance, Isabel Marant is one of the great self-made designers today.

''Absolutely true to herself and her independence, she's the perfect partner for the brand, in our drive to make every woman around the world feel worth it.''