The daughter of tragic CROCODILE HUNTER STEVE IRWIN refuses to stay sad about her dad's death, insisting he'd want her to focus on the happy memories they shared instead. Eight-year-old BINDI admits she's cried a lot since her dad died in September (06) after a stingray barb pierced his chest, but she tries to hold back the tears because her dad would want her to be positive. She admits, "Sometimes I cry and I cry. But then I just think, 'It's happened. And you can't do anything about it.' He's not hurt - he's in a great place. "He hated it when I cried. If my pet goldfish died, he cried with me. So I'm trying really hard not to make him really sad that I'm sad. "My daddy was my hero. He would be so happy that I'm happy. When I look back at all the memories, really that's what Daddy wanted the most for me. "Yeah, some people might think, 'Oh my word, she's happy, how can she be?' But me personally, I think everyone has a choice of being happy or sad."