The daughter of tragic CROCODILE HUNTER STEVE IRWIN is planning to raise a toast to her dad on Christmas day, while reminiscing their festive day together last year (05). Eight-year-old BINDI will spend her first Christmas without her dad, who died in September (06) after a stingray barb pierced his chest but she remembers the last Christmas the whole family spent together fondly. She recalls, "We really had a lot of fun. Santa left all the presents on top of our roof because our chimney was much too small for him to climb down it. So my dad and I had to get a ladder and climb up the roof. It was just me and him. Mummy was thinking about it but then didn't want to, and Bob (two year old brother) wanted to but he was a safety hazard. "It was so nice up there. He gave me a big bicycle. It was really nice - it was the best Christmas." However, the brave girl will be thinking of her dad over the festive season, insisting, "On Christmas Day I will be raising my orange juice to him. I will be saying, 'Thank you very much, and please have a happy Christmas too'".