CROCODILE HUNTER STEVE IRWIN has landed in trouble with authorities in Australia after swimming with whales in water off Antarctica.

Environmental bosses down under are investigating the wildlife expert, amid allegations he broke strict regulations about how close people can get to Antarctica's fiercely protected penguins and seals.

But Australian Irwin insists he had only climbed onto an iceberg after his dry suit ripped while his company was filming the whales.

He says,"My dry suit had ripped, so it was leaking water, and here's this iceberg, a little iceberg ... so I grabbed hold of the iceberg and I'm sitting on the iceberg while these whales are just all over us."

Earlier this year (04), the 42-year-old caused uproar when he was shown on television feeding a crocodile in an Australian zoo, while holding his baby son.

14/06/2004 17:21