Iron Maiden don't want to be famous.

The legendary heavy metal group have been vocal at their disappointment about a lack of press exposure but singer Bruce Dickinson has admitted that the band would hate to be tabloid targets.

Bruce - who quit the band in 1993 and rejoined in 1999 - said: "We complain about a lack of mainstream exposure, but that suits us. If we moulded ourselves to fit the tabloid and TV world, people would suddenly be interested in something stupid we did when we were drunk. That's meaningless rubbish."

However, the rocker admits he is happy with the band's profile.

He told the Daily Mail: "We don't do the celebrity thing, so all that's left is the relationship between us and the audience. And don't get me started on reality TV!"

The band have just released the album 'The Final Frontier', the follow up their last effort, 2006s 'A Matter of Life and Death'.