Iris Law used to put on mini photoshoots when she was a child.

The 16-year-old model - who recently landed her modelling debut with Burberry Beauty - has admitted she used to dress up in her parents clothes and pretended she was on a fashion shoot with her friends.

The brunette beauty - who is the daughter of actor Jude Law, 44, and his ex-wife Sadie Frost, 51, - said: ''I would put on little photoshoots with my friends.''

And the star has admitted she is not afraid of standing in front of the camera because the ''social-media generation'' she is a part of sees her and her friends regularly snap away.

She explained: ''Being part of this social-media generation, my friends are always taking photos of me or themselves, or saying, 'Can you capture this moment?' It's not an awkward thing. Younger models are used to being around photo cameras.''

And Iris has admitted she often asks the styling team for beauty tips and what products they use or recommend.

She said: ''I note down the ideas or the products they use.''

However, the star has admitted she never thought she'd be interested in modelling ''specifically'' when she was growing up despite having a penchant for cosmetics and fashion, and she has revealed her interest is more in the ''creative process''.

She told the Sunday Times Style magazine: ''[My interest is more] the creative process. I wasn't specifically thinking about modelling. I like photography, I like fashion, I like make-up.

''[But] we can go anywhere and it's accepted that we're not going to dress up. My friend will turn up to an event in trackies because that's becoming OK.''