Iris Law thinks she looks like her mother in her Burberry Beauty campaign.

The 16-year-old model - who is the daughter of 44-year-old actor Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost - loved the ''timeless'' look Wendy Rowe created for the advertisements, and the teenager admits she can see a lot of similarities with old pictures of her 51-year-old actress parent.

iris - who was announced as the face of the British designer brand earlier this week - said: ''Wendy did a fresh dewy skin, simple eye and a strong red lip.

''This look is timeless and reminded me of all the old pictures of my mum when she was in her twenties - so iconic.''

The brunette beauty has admitted she never used to use lip colour because she struggled to make it look ''neat'', but she's grown more confident now thanks to her new favourite Burberry products.

She explained to Look magazine : ''I used to refrain from using the lip colours as I struggled to get a neat finish.

''They'd often end up looking smudged. But the Liquid Lip Velvet lipsticks are so easy to use, they've made me love using lip colour.

''I apply it to the middle of my bottom lip and use my finger to move the tint across my lips so that the coverage is light.

''The colour is super pigmented so you can vary the finish any way you want.''

Although the star has admitted she has only recently perfected using the cosmetic product, she has revealed her go-to make-up item is lip balm because she not only applies it to her lips but also to her cheekbones and eyelids for a ''glossy and dewy'' look.

Speaking previously about her beauty secrets, she said: ''Definitely lip balm because I can use that on my cheekbones and on my eyelids to really moisturise.

''Last year, I felt like the style was matte [skin] but now this year, I think [the style is] quite glossy and dewy. I enjoyed [it] because I always put lip balm on my cheeks and eyelids. I think I made that up! I just started doing it in school, because I don't really wear make-up when studying.''