Oscar-nominated director PAUL GREENGRASS, the man behind UNITED 93 and the BOURNE IDENTITY, is hoping to tackle another controversial subject  the war in Iraq.

Last week the British director, who has recently begun work on the third instalment of the Bourne spy series, the BOURNE ULTIMATUM, admitted he likely to write and direct a movie based on the events after the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

According to Variety, the film is due to be adapted from a story by the Washington Post's Baghdad bureau chief Rajiv Chandrasekaran, which focuses on the Coalition Provisional Authority which governed Iraq in the months after the removal of Saddam Hussein and his government.

But the director's take on the war is unlikely to be lenient on the US or British governments, as Greengrass has long been against the war, describing it as "the most calamitous decision of our generation".

Greengrass is no stranger to controversy, having dealt not only with the events of 9/11 in UNITED 93, but also tackling BLOODY SUNDAY in his 2002 film about Northern Ireland.

And films on controversial and highly political subjects are seemingly going down well with the movie-going public as well as critics, with Greengrass nominated for best director in this year's Oscars.

23/01/2007 14:33:05