The revolution that is MouthOff has begun! The ripples of a new viral campaign, masterminded by 'the studio of dreams', ustwo, have started to spread, with hundreds of people filming themselves using the new iPhone app MouthOffT. The campaign site, called 'showusyourmouthoff', is being hit with YouTube clips of people, babies, dogs and more using the MouthOffT app, which syncs an animated mouth in realtime with the sound of your own voice.

MouthOff presents a set of hilarious animated mouths to choose from including Rude Boy, Robot, Synth, Grandma, Kiss-me-quick, Angry-Emperor, Dog and Monster. Select Rude Boy for a gold toothed look, Kiss-me-quick to obtain a Marilyn Monroe style smile, or Dog for a pair of slobbery chops. The idea is to hold your iPhone in front of your mouth and talk, shout, laugh, scream or sing to get your new lips moving. The unique thing about MouthOff, and what sets it apart from other similar apps, is that its sound reactive, so the animations move in realtime with your own voice.

This is a great fun app, with some really witty illustration. Its made even more exciting by the campaign site that allows MouthOff users to express themselves and become part of the MouthOff movement!

Download MouthOff™ from iTunes: