LATEST: The company handling tickets for the Scottish LIVE 8 concert has denied wrongly informing fans they had won tickets for the event.

Angry fans jammed TICKETMASTER hotlines after receiving text messages informing them they had won, but were unable to confirm their bookings on the internet.

But a spokesperson for the firm insists they did not send any incorrect text messages, and an internet security feature was stopping people from finalising their tickets.

CHRIS GORMAN, one of the Edinburgh event's organisers says, "We have been told of various stories about bogus SMS messages having been sent out, the codes being wrong and people not being allowed to claim their tickets.

"Ticketmaster have found no evidence to support any of these claims. If it turns out someone is sending bogus texts in the name of this event, then they deserve to be punished and we can only apologise to people who are victims of these appalling scams."

Travis, Texas, Snow Patrol and Annie Lennox will headline the concert at Edinburgh's Murrayfield stadium on 6 July (05).

23/06/2005 21:32