The filmmaker behind controversial movie The Innocence Of Muslims is making a new project about Islamic terrorism.

Mark Basseley Youssef has just been released from a halfway house after serving time for a 2010 bank fraud, and he's already planning his next movie.

The director tells The Hollywood Reporter he is searching for partners to make a new movie and a Tv show about the roots of Islamic terrorism.

He says, "Every producer, director and actor in Hollywood - watch them since September 11 (2001) until now. How many messages did you deliver about terrorism? I wish some producer in Hollywood would say (to me), 'You have information and experience. Come, we can write together'.

"I have very bad English, but if I have an editor and others to help, I have a treasure of information. I ask: Where is Hollywood? Reporters and Hollywood have a responsibility. Are they educating people? Some American people don't know where Libya is, or what Benghazi is."