DVD kiosk operators could face a significant legal obstacle if prosecutors in other jurisdictions follow the lead of Vanderburgh County (Evansville), Indiana Prosecuting Attorney Stanley Levco who has warned that the kiosks violate state law prohibiting "dissemination of certain matter to minors." A letter sent to the operators said, "We suggest that the machine or machines dispensing these materials at your location no longer provide access to videos, movies, games, etc. which contain an R rating, PG rating or unrated or are for mature audiences. We have been in contact with the Sheriff who will begin checking within the next few weeks to make sure your kiosks no longer contain these videos." Home Media magazine said Wednesday that the letters were instigated by several Evansville video stores, who complained to the prosecuting attorney. Paul Black, who represents the owner of the Evansville video stores, told the trade publications, "We're not on a particular crusade, but you can just walk up to any of these kiosks and rent adult material." And Ted Engen, president of the Video Buyers Group, commented, "Video stores are held to one standard, and these kiosks are held to a different standard. It's wrong."