INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL has become the most mistake-ridden movie of the year (08) - after cinema-goers spotted over 40 bloopers in the new film.
Observant visitors to website have noted a variety of continuity errors and historical inaccuracies in the fourth installment of the adventure franchise, which include the explorer's shirt appearing tucked and untucked in a single scene and an American flag with an incorrect number of stars.
But website owner Jon Sandys admits he isn't surprised.
He says, "Any film set in the past always has a potential extra set of problems on top of regular continuity mistakes.
"In addition, there are so many Indiana Jones fans that this movie's going to be scrutinised a lot more closely than some others."
Action movie Iron Man is the second most error-filled movie, with 15 reports of mistakes listed.