Bollywood singer Nadeem Saifi is demanding an apology from Indian government officials over unfounded allegations of murder dating back over a decade, so he can clear his name and return home to visit his ailing parents.

The musician, formerly one-half of producing duo Nadeem-Shravan, found himself at the centre of conspiracy theories back in 1997 after the pair's record label boss, Gulshan Kumar, was shot dead in Mumbai, India.

Saifi was on vacation in the U.K. at the time of the tragedy, but police officials were convinced that he had somehow been involved in the murder as part of a wider conspiracy, and they issued a warrant for his arrest.

He refused to return to India as the investigation continued, amid fears he would not receive a fair trial, and he was allowed to remain in the U.K. after a judge rejected Indian authorities' request for extradition in 2002 - the same year a man was convicted and imprisoned for Kumar's slaying.

The British High Court official declared, "The accusation of murder and conspiracy made against this applicant is not made in good faith and in the interests of justice", and the ruling was upheld by judges in the House of Lords following an appeal.

However, the warrant for Saifi's arrest remains active in India over a decade later and now the star has called for authorities to withdraw the permit and apologise for the false allegations.

He tells the Bbc, "Sixteen years patiently I have borne itna zulm (this oppression). My children have always seen me crying and for what? For a crime I have not committed. For a crime I have never even thought about."

He adds, "I don't want to die without getting justice. I don't want my parents to die without hearing that I was innocent. My parents are lying ill in their beds, I so much want to see them. I deserve this justice, it's high time now."