Acclaimed Indian director JAYARAJ has attempted to set a world record by making a film based on the life of late euthanasia figure TERRI SCHIAVO - in two hours and 14 minutes. ATBHUTAM, which means 'wonder', tells the right-to-die story of an Indian born playwright struggling with pancreatic cancer. The 74-minute film is loosely based on 15-year brain damage victim Schiavo whose battle for a mercy killing dominated the US news last year (05). Jararaj says, "I felt the power. When we started at 11.46am the whole crew was in a trance ... a kind of invisible energy, and we were just flying from one sequence to the other. "And just before the last shot, when my associate said 'one shot left', that's when I realized my dream is finally going to come true." The speedy shoot, along with letters from witnesses to authenticate it, has been forwarded to The Guinness Book of World Records. The film is scheduled to be released this month (MAR06).