The moviemaker, who co-directed 2010 Bollywood comedy Peepli Live with his wife Anusha Rizvi, was arrested in June, 2015 after an American student from Columbia University filed a police complaint alleging Farooqui had raped her at his home in Delhi in March, 2015.

He was subsequently released on bail, but he was taken into custody on Saturday (30Jul16) when Judge Sanjiv Jain delivered a guilty verdict at the District Court Saket in New Delhi.

Farooqui is set to be sentenced on Tuesday (02Aug16) and is expected to receive a minimum of seven years, according to the Indian Express.

The victim's lawyer Vrinda Grover praised a 2013 amendment to criminal law, which helped their case, to the publication.

Grover said, “This is perhaps one of the first cases of forced oral sex, which shows two things: that there was a crime for which we did not earlier have an offence named, now it has been recognised as rape. We’re also very happy to see that the court relied on very credible evidence that the woman gave.”

Farooqui's wife told the Hindustan Times she would be supporting her husband and fighting the conviction. She said, "Our fight for justice is by no means over. We will approach the High Court for justice that has been denied to us."

Peepli Live was India's entry for the Best Foreign Film category at the 2011 Oscars but it wasn't nominated.