LATEST: Riots which broke out in Bangalore, India, in the wake of screen legend RAJKUMAR's death have claimed two lives. Fans of the late actor - who starred in more than 200 films - were fired on by police after earlier scuffles saw 50 buses and two police vans set alight as mourners clambered to pay their last respects. The local headquarters of US technology giant Microsoft, which stands near Rajkumar's house, was also battered with stones. One man was fatally gunned down in the riots, while the second victim, a policeman, was beaten to death by the vengeful mob. Rajkumar's son, also an actor, begged for calm but to little effect. He appealed "with folded hands to all of you to maintain peace" in a microphone address to the 20,000 fans who had turned out to see the body on display at a city stadium". The 77-year-old died actor yesterday (12APR06) after suffering a cardiac arrest. He is due to be cremated later today (13APR06).