Indian actor N BALAKRISHNA has been cleared of attempting to murder a film producer and his assistant last year (04).

Hyderabad court Judge K RAJAGOPAL REDDY has dismissed the case against the star and his wife, who was accused of destroying evidence following the incident at their home in Hyderabad last June (04).

After a two-month hearing in the local court, Reddy said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the couple - especially as the two people injured in the shooting, producer BELLAMKONDA SURESH and his assistant SATYANARAYANA CHOWDHARY, retracted their statements and became hostile to the prosecution.

At the time of the shooting, Chowdhary claimed he was shot when he tried to intervene in an argument. He had a bullet lodged near his spinal cord.

Meanwhile Hyderabad city police commissioner V DINESH REDDY plans to make a detailed assessment of the case before deciding whether to take it to a higher court.

06/02/2005 23:23