Soul star INDIA.ARIE has defended her positive, sunny new album TESTIMONY, VOL 1: LIFE + RELATIONSHIPS, declaring she has chosen to rise above bitterness over her failed relationships. While many musicians lament and criticises ex-lovers in song, the VIDEO hitmaker has chosen to delve deep into the pain and express it in a healthy, well-adjusted way. The New York Daily News reviewed her latest album, saying, "You can't get through a single stanza of her lyrics without being harangued with some lesson or encouragement, served up for our own good." She says, "I keep reading these reviews of my album and they're saying that its optimistic and 'How does she come out unscathed' and they're like, real cynical, sarcastic about it. "I keep trying to explain to people, it's not about being unscathed. I'm not unscathed. That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. Obviously I've been heartbroken. We all know what that feels like. "But the thing about it is that I chose to take the time to dive really deep to understand the lesson instead of sitting on the surface and blaming. I don't want to be bitter. I want to learn how to love better and better and better."