Armando Iannucci has admitted recent government scandals have proved the line between reality and farce is closer than many people realise.

Speaking ahead of the release of new political comedy In the Loop, the writer/director explained he sometimes feared scenes in the film would be "too silly".

But in the wake of the recent row over government expenses - sparked by home secretary Jacqui Smith claiming for a television package that covered adult films watched by her husband - Iannucci joked satirical films such as In the Loop could be worrying close to the truth.

"Steve Coogan has a line in the film about a guy wanting to ban foreign languages in shops; we filmed it last summer and there was a court case on similar grounds last month!" he told a London press conference.

"And then you start worrying whether the things we made up about the war in the film are actually going to happen.

"A lot of it is based on research and finding out what actually goes on in these enclosed government buildings but you do worry it's too silly."

He added: "Then somebody from government comes up to you after a screening and says 'It's far, far worse!'"

In the Loop is released on April 17th.

17/04/2009 00:01:01