LATEST: Shamed broadcaster DON IMUS is set to return to radio after being axed for making highly controversial remarks on the air earlier this year (Apr07). The long-running programme Imus In The Morning was axed earlier this year by CBS Radio after the veteran presenter referred to players on the Rutgers University Women's Basketball Team as "nappy-headed hos". But the show will re-air on Monday (03Dec07) after being picked up by New York station WABC-AM, who have not announced the show's format but insist at least one black person will feature regularly, along with Imus' longtime news anchor Charles MCCord. WABC-AM's program director Phil Boyce says, "I don't have any doubt on his future. He'll obviously be wiser, smarter and a bit more careful. He's learned from this. I'm not concerned that he'll have a repeat." The programme will also be broadcast on 24-hour network RFD-TV, which hopes the 67-year-old will help the channel increase its viewership from 30 million to 50 million homes over the next two years. Patrick Gottsch, president of RFD-TV, says, "There is a real void in the morning with Don Imus not on the air. He's apologized heavily for the comments. He knew he made a mistake. You learn, you move on and I think most folks already have forgiven him."