Heavy metal rockers ILLNATH are on the hunt for a new drummer after parting ways with DANNI LYSE JELSGAARD.
The Danish group has been forced to cancel a string of upcoming shows while they look for a replacement.
But the bandmates are not angry about Jelsgaard's departure, insisting they wish him well in his new ventures.
A statement from Illnath says, "We wish him all the possible luck with his other band Svartsot and all other musical projects or bands he joins. He is a lovely chap and an amazing drummer, and we do part as the best possible friends.
"We would all personally apologise to those fans and friends who are waiting for shows that now will be cancelled. We know you have been through this before, and we're truly sorry. The remaining members of the band are dedicated to the Illnath soul that lives on and we will never give up! (But) once again we are back to looking for a drummer."