Virgin Media is to write to hundreds of customers warning them about illegal music file sharing.

In a campaign run with the record industry body, the BPI, some 800 letters were sent to customers warning them not to download music illegally.

The BPI wants those who continue to ignore warnings to have their internet switched off – in a 'three strikes, you're out' policy.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media explained IP addresses of those sharing files were identified by the BPI and Virgin is now writing to those customers.

However no information is being shared with the BPI.

Virgin Media is also maintaining it is not planning to cut off people's broadband at this stage, but is educating customers.

"There is an education gap about illegal downloading," a spokesperson said.

She explained many people did not realise the effect of downloading music illegally had on the music industry.

She also added those being sent letters may not realise they downloading illegally as their internet connections may be used by others.

03/07/2008 09:43:31