Rapper-turned-actor ICE-T is hunting for an internet user posing as him on social networking website Twitter.com - insisting he'd never write the "corny" messages posted on his fake page.
The Law & Order: SVU star took friends' advice and created a profile on Twitter to help market his new record label, Final Level Music.
But he was stunned to find there was already a page set up in his name.
He says, "I went on Twitter... I found a dude on there named Ice-T, and he ain't (sic) even cool. Dude's got my name and he's got a picture of me from Law & Order, but I'm looking at what he's writing and it's real corny and whack. And I'm like, if you're going to represent me, at least have some flavour player."
Ice-T pressed ahead and completed setting up his own profile, but has already caught himself writing details about his personal life he wishes he could take back.
He adds, "I get on Twitter and it's kind of like, there are people stalking me now? Because I'm saying stuff like, 'I'm going to the movies.' And then I'm like, 'Why did I just do that?'"