Rapper-turned-actor ICE-T will soon be able to add music mogul to his resume - he is launching his own record label.
The former hip-hop star - who has a regular role in cop show Law & Order: SVU - has teamed up with bosses at music giant EMI to create his own digital imprint.
The move will give Ice-T the chance to scout for artists and sign them to his label - and he hopes to revive the hip-hop genre, which he has criticised for becoming too mainstream.
He tells the New York Daily News, "I'm starting a digital label through EMI. I'm trying to get back to more hip-hop. To me, music right now is like disco. It's very sing-songy, and nobody's dealing with content. That's what I miss. I miss Tupac and Big. You got Lupe Fiasco and T.I. now, but in general, we're swamped with bubblegum pop."
And Ice-T is already working hard on the venture - he has signed up a handful of wannabe rap stars.
He adds, "We signed about five groups. We've got an artist from L.A., a group called Certified from Washington state, Born Twice from Houston, and a Korean kid from New York. I'm playing the whole map."