Rapper-turned-actor ICE-T has formed the first gang on social networking site Twitter.com.
The hip-hop star has joined the celebrity craze of posting mini blog entries online to keep fans updated on his every move, but he reveals he's not looking to expand his following - instead, he wants to drop those who don't agree with his opinions.
He says, "I wanna get as few (followers as possible). I only want hardcore Twitter followers. People who follow me, we don't even call them followers.
"I created the first online gang. Final Level Twitter Gang, we got 21,000 people. I curse them out, I threaten them, I beat them down. Everyday you see people leaving and you're like, 'Yeah!'
"And then we have roll calls, mandatory attendance things. Then, what we can do is have Twitter drive-bys on you! If somebody says something bad, we can hit 'em. I can have 21,000 people show up at your Twitter doorstep 'cause all my members are hardcore. If we say something and you disagree, we will kick you out!"