Defying all odds -- and the performance history of similar films -- Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs has now earned more than $600 million overseas, the most ever earned by an animated film abroad, the Los Angeles Times observed today (Tuesday). In some markets, it noted, it has become the biggest-grossing film since 1997's Titanic. Part of the movie's success, the newspaper said, comes from the fact that 40 percent of its take derives from premium-priced tickets at theaters showing the movie in 3D. Moreover, the movie has been dubbed abroad by popular stars. In addition, it has particular appeal in areas of the world where close-knit families make up the fabric of the society. Eduardo Echeverria, who oversees the Latin American region for Fox, told the Times "At the end of the day, it's a story of a family ... and Latins are very family-oriented. ... We're a poor region where parents usually take their families once to see a film."