Jailed Welsh rocker Ian Watkins shared his sick fantasy of impregnating his ex-girlfriend so they would have a baby to abuse while filming themselves having sex, a U.K. court has heard.

The disgraced Lostprophets frontman was sentenced to 35 years behind bars in 2013 after he was convicted on a string of child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby.

His former lover, Joanne Mjadzelics, is currently on trial at Cardiff Crown Court in Wales on seven charges, including four counts of possessing indecent images of children, and on Monday (05Jan15), prosecutors revealed how the suspect had allegedly expressed interest in helping Watkins indulge in his illegal activities in sex tapes seized from the musician's home.

Describing footage from one video taped in 2008, prosecutor Jim Davies said, "While they were having sex, they were talking about him getting her pregnant so they could have a child to abuse."

He went on to read extracts from the recording, in which Mjadzelics talked about abusing the kid "as soon as she is born" and "when we change her nappy (diaper)".

Jury members also learned about the police discoveries of "disgusting and abhorrent" online chats between the former couple in 2011, when explicit images of minors were exchanged, with Mjadzelics signing off one conversation by writing, "Child molesters till we die."

Former call girl Mjadzelics, who dated the shamed singer on and off from 2008, claims she kept the indecent pictures sent to her by Watkins in an attempt to bring him to justice.

The mother of one has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

The trial continues.