The last surviving member of the original Dad's Army cast, Ian Lavender, is to make a guest appearance in the upcoming movie remake.

The veteran actor played Private Frank Pike in the classic British Tv series, and his role has been taken over by The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison in the new big screen version opposite Toby Jones, Bill Nighy and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Lavender has now revealed he will be returning to Dad's Army with a cameo appearance playing a character called Brigadier Pritchard, and the actor is delighted with the promotion.

He tells British newspaper the Birmingham Mail, "(It is) the highest rank I have ever reached... It was great fun and I was given such a great welcome... I went up with a little trepidation - just walking on set with all those people! I felt a bit like I did on my first day on Dad's Army 40-odd years ago... I was quite pleased I was still capable of acting with people like Toby Jones and Bill Nighy at my ripe old age!"

Lavender goes on to throw his support behind the film, insisting critics are wrong to dismiss the remake.

He adds, "A lot of people were saying it was a bad idea to re-make Dad's Army but I don't think that at all... When I heard who the cast were I thought 'That's not bad at all'."

The 68 year old also doled out advice to his younger replacement: "I met Blake, the charming young actor playing Pike. I told him 'Don't worry what I think, you're playing him now!' I am tired of people asking me 'Who is playing you?' Nobody is playing me, Blake is playing Pike. Let him get on with playing it his way."