Sheridan's younger sibling was close to Mount Everest preparing for a climb when the massive tremor hit the country on Saturday (25Apr15), and the actor subsequently flew out to Nepal with a camera crew to search for his loved one.

On Sunday (03May15), Sheridan posted a picture of the brothers reunited in Kathmandu as they attempted to catch a flight out, and he revealed Zachary declined help after surviving the disaster.

In a post on, Sheridan writes, "My little brother finally made it back to Kathmandu!! A great relief to see him again... Last week Zachy declined help from myself or anyone else saying 'Please do not come for me, I am fine, there is so much pain everywhere else'. While waiting on his return, I've been working with our brother Tom and locals in Kathmandu clearing wreckage. I feel privileged to be here helping...

"Our family hope sharing our story helps others understand what people with missing loved ones are still facing, and the desperate need for aid here, prompting others to donate to this beautiful country."

The earthquake caused massive destruction in the country, leaving more than 7,300 dead and more than 14,000 injured.