JENNIFER HUDSON has ordered a special display case so she can show off her Oscar in her new home. The proud DREAMGIRLS star insists the statuette she won at the Academy Awards last month (25FEB07) will have a special place of honour in her new condo in Chicago, Illinois. She explains, "I want to put it in it's own case with theme music when you open it up." Hudson claims she might even give her new prize a bit of a makeover adding, "He needs some clothes, I want to give him an afro... Don't tell the Academy!" Hudson is still getting over the shock of winning and insists on taking her Oscar statue with her wherever she goes . She explains, "When I got my Golden Globe (Award) I took it around with me for about two weeks before I would give it up so it could be engraved." She will also reluctantly have to give her Oscar up so it can be engraved adding, "I don't like that idea, but just to get my name on it, I will!"