CRASH star Terrence Howard treated a penniless extra on the set of his new Bosnian War film to her dream saxophone, only for her to turn down the gift. The movie star was deeply touched by the real victims of the war as he shot The Hunting Party in Sarajevo with Richard Gere, and decided to repay one young actress for acting as his guide. He explains, "There was a girl who was an extra for about three days and took us around to a lot of places. She saw I was a musician and she loved listening to me play the guitar. "She told me she always wanted to play saxophone and her father promised to buy her one, but he was killed during a three-day spell when soldiers lined men up and systematically shot 8,000 men and boys. "So I go to a music store and asked her to pick out a saxophone because I wanted to play it, and she picked out one and I bought it. "We got in the car and my driver is about to drop her off and she gets out to say goodbye and I said, 'You forgot something,' and I give her the saxophone, and she was like, 'I can't take it. It's too expensive of a gift.' She was crying. "I said, 'If I was to die and my daughter wanted a piano, I would want somebody to buy that for her, so just think of me as your father giving this to you.' "Her mother called me and thanked me, and now I can hear that saxophone in my heart."