Underlining the conclusion that all high-definition television formats are not created equal, the Blu-ray Disc Association is insisting that the DISH and DirecTV home-satellite services are misleading customers when they claim that they deliver HD-quality pictures and sound equal to Blu-ray's. The association called the DISH and DirecTV ads comparing the quality of their HD video-on-demand with Blu-ray's "irresponsible and misleading to consumers." The Association maintains that HD distribution via satellite is not "technically capable of producing the quality delivered by Blu-ray players and Blu-ray discs. To that end, the Blu-ray Disc Association is exploring these claims further and will take appropriate action, as necessary, to prevent consumers seeking the ultimate in high-definition home entertainment from being misled." The BDA's remarks come as new studies indicate widespread consumer confusion over what constitutes "HDTV quality." Research by the website Strategy Analytics found that 15 percent of viewers in Europe believe they are receiving HDTV service, although the actual figure is just 2 percent.