LATEST: Bosses at notorious New York City radio station Hot 97 have agreed to a police request to install a surveillance camera outside their offices to protect against gun-related violence. Last week (ends28APR06), aspiring rapper GRAVY - real name JAMAL WOLLARD - became the latest victim in a series of rap-related shootings to take place outside the SoHo-based Hot 97. He was grazed by a bullet in the buttocks. City officials yesterday (01MAY06) confirmed they've instructed their attorneys to launch eviction procedures against the radio station. But a spokesman for Hot 97 tells the New York Daily News, "If the NYPD believes that installing a camera outside the building will ensure a more secure environment, then we are all for it." Hot 97's lease is due to expire on 2012 should the broadcaster not be evicted beforehand.