HAIRSPRAY star Brittany Snow has a new-found respect for hookers after studying the ladies of the night for two back to back film roles.
The cute blonde plays prostitutes in new films Finding Amanda and Black Water Transit and her research left her convinced that most hookers are sweethearts.
She says, "I learned a lot about where they were from and their mindset and how they went about getting to that profession.
"I don't agree with it but I think, after talking with these girls, there's definitely a connection that I have to these girls and what they're all about.
"That stigma that people have is really interesting. There's definitely a notion that the girls come from broken families and they're all messed up and on drugs and crazy.
"That was not the case at all for the girls that I talked to, thankfully. I felt like I was talking to a friend of mine. They were very articulate; they went to high school. Some of them went to college and have kids.
"Some of them looked exactly like me."