Honey G has come out as a lesbian.

The 36-year-old rapper - who found fame on ITV's 'The X Factor' - revealed that although she has had relationships with men in the past, she considers herself gay and wants to settle down with a woman.

She told The Sun: ''I have dabbled with men before, but I'm gay and looking for a female partner that I want to settle down with.''

And Honey G - whose real name is Anna Gilford - wasn't ready to reveal her sexuality when she was competing on 'The X Factor', because she was worried about homophobia.

She said: ''I just wasn't ready to come out to the public, you know?

''One of questions that Simon Cowell asked me in that first audition was, 'Have I got as boyfriend?' And I was a bit defensive at the time because I was just like, 'No, I'm single.'

''Obviously I get worried about homophobia because there are a lot of homophobic people out there. They might not like it. So, I was worried about that.''

However, Honey G is finally ready to be open about her sexuality and admitted she has a number of celebrity crushes.

She said: ''I've had a thing for Queen Latifah for f***ing ages. Literally. She's an A-list celebrity so how can I get anywhere near her, do you know what I mean?

''Obviously ['X Factor' judge] Nicole Scherzinger is very attractive and she's got an amazing body.

''But obviously I know that she's straight, we never really sat down and got to know each other.''

Kelly also has crushes on Fleur East, Jennifer Aniston, Dame Kelly Holmes and Johanna Konta.

But she is open to dating a non-famous person.

She said: ''My security says to me: 'If there's any girls that I like at the gig to invite them into my enclosure.'

''So, I just say to them: 'Can you get that one, bring that one in?' So, there has been that way.''