Disgraced Hollywood private investigator ANTHONY PELICANO has been convicted of federal racketeering and other charges.
The detective, who once boasted a list of celebrity clients, was found guilty of illegally digging up information to be used in high-profile lawsuits, divorces and legal battles.
In court on Thursday (15May08), the 64 year old was accused of wiretapping stars such as Sylvester Stallone, and using illicit contacts to get information that could be used against other stars in legal disputes.
Pellicano was found guilty of 76 of the 77 counts against him.
He maintained throughout his trial that he acted alone, but his co-defendants Mark Arneson, a former cop, and an ex-telephone company worker, Rayford Earl Turner, were also convicted of racketeering.
Comedian Chris Rock and top Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz were among those who testified at the Pellicano trial, which began in February (08).
Both admitted to hiring the private detective but insisted they had no idea about his illegal practices.