Acclaimed actress HOLLY HUNTER stands out from most Hollywood stars - because she finds it easy to turn down work.

The THIRTEEN star - who won a Best Actress OSCAR for her mute role in 1993's THE PIANO - has so many other things going on in her life, that she considers her acting jobs carefully.

She says, "I am not one of those actresses who has to work all the time. I do a lot of other things - travel, hang out with friends, go to the theatre.

"One of the most challenging aspects of being an actress is trying to figure out what not to do. A lot of stuff comes to me and it's easy to turn down. But then there's a lot of other stuff that might be compromised in some way.

"The script may be crippled, or the director not great, or the star a nice actor but not inspired.

"The energy devoted to (acting) is so enormous that sometimes it's a relief to be able to say no."

24/11/2003 17:21