The You Really Had Me Going singer revealed her diagnosis during an interview earlier this year (16), admitting afterwards that the statistics were "bleak".

Nashville's WSMV-TV Channel 4 confirmed Dunn died on Tuesday morning (15Nov16) while surrounded by close friends and family members at a hospice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dunn found fame in the '80s thanks to catchy tracks including Daddy's Hands, landing a number of Top 40 country songs during her career. In 2003 she announced her plans to retire from the industry, to focusing instead on painting. While she continued to share her vocals at church and during her spare time, the singer no longer felt she could keep up with the music world.

“I left the business because it was clear that radio had moved on and wasn’t interested in anything new from me. Without radio’s support, it just gets harder and harder to keep the wheels turning in a music career,” she explained in an interview with Christian website Hallels.

During this chat she also touched upon her health problem, revealing it was an "aggressive" type of cancer she was fighting.

“I have a huge faith in the healing power of God and the healing power within me that originates from my God. I look towards a future when I am completely healed and cancer free," she said.