A former hip-hop executive who gave up his music career to dedicate his life to Judaism was shot and killed in New York City on Thursday (19Aug10).
Yosef Robinson, 34, was fatally shot during a robbery at MB Vineyards, a kosher liquor store in Brooklyn.
According to U.S. news network New York 1, a gunman walked into the store and demanded that Robinson's girlfriend hand over her bracelet. Robinson was shot several times in the chest and arm while trying to protect her.
He was taken to local Kings County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Robinson was born in Jamaica, and worked as a hip-hop executive before converting to Judaism.
His lyrics were taken from religious book the Torah and turned into reggae songs. He was reportedly working on a book about how he turned to Judaism to escape a life of drugs and violence at the time of his death.
New York City Police Department officials are on the hunt for his killer.