DIANA, Princess Of Wales' ex-lover JAMES HEWITT has claimed under hypnosis that he started sleeping with the tragic royal in 1982, just a year after her marriage to Prince Charles.

The former army officer previously stated that their affair did not start until 1985, but under hypnosis for British broadcaster Channel 5 show JAMES HEWITT: UNDER HYPNOSIS, Hewitt tells 'past life regressionist' TONY RAE, they enjoyed their first kiss on a sofa at a friend's house "in 1981 or 1982" after they met at a polo match.

Hewitt also admits he realised he was "in love" with the beautiful royal when they slept together shortly after.

The revelation re-ignites the question of whether Hewitt could be the father of young royal Prince Harry, who was born in 1984. But Hewitt has categorically denies this saying, "I can assure you I am not."