Veteran rockers the EAGLES have given up their rock 'n' roll lifestyle - to prevent their kids from ending up like troubled star Britney Spears. Frontman Don Henley insists the debauchery enjoyed by the group in their 1970s heyday has been replaced by healthy living to set a good example for their children. Henley, 60, says, "Things are different to when we were young and single and self-absorbed. Back then all we had to think about was music and girls. "(Now each of us are) deeply involved in being a good parent and not having our kids grow up to be Paris Hilton or Britney Spears." After a 28-year hiatus, the Eagles' newly-released album - Long Road Out Of Eden - beat Britney Spears' latest disc Blackout to claim the top spot in the U.K. charts on Sunday (04Nov07).