The EAGLES star Don Henley is suing California politician CHARLES DEVORE after the state assemblyman used the rocker's music as part of his campaign march - and altered lyrics without permission.
Henley claims the Republican ripped him off by revamping two of his popular hits in his fight to unseat California Senator Barbara Boxer last year (08).
In his federal lawsuit, obtained by, Henley claims DeVore added his own lyrics to The Boys of Summer, in which he took aim at President Barack Obama. DeVore reportedly posted the video on various social networking sites. agreed to remove the track after Henley complained, but DeVore reposted it.
According to, YouTube bosses told Henley they would only remove it a second time if the rock star filed a lawsuit.
Henley also claims DeVore ripped off his song All She Wants to Do Is Dance by creating lyrics that attacked Senator Boxer.
The rocker is asking for damages and the removal of DeVore's videos from the Internet.