Former EAGLES rocker Don Henley was booed by fans at a gig in California lsat week (29JUL04) after defending Linda Ronstadt's attack on US President George W Bush.

Ronstadt was banned from performing at Las Vegas' Aladdin Casino last month (JUL04) after dedicating a song to anti-Bush filmmaker Michael Moore during a concert there.

A host of celebrities rallied behind Ronstadt and Henley tried to lend his support to the singer during his recent gig at the Amphitheater in Costa Mesa - to disastrous effect.

He told the crowd, "Given what my good friend Linda Ronstadt.." But was soon drowned out by boos, according to American gossip site THE SCOOP.

He then responded, "Whoops - Orange County, we used to be able to have civil debate in this country. Not anymore," and suggested Bush and Vice President DICK CHENEY should sing his next song.

When he started singing Randy Newman's POLITICAL SCIENCE, a number of fans walked out.

05/08/2004 17:13