The house rock legend JIMI HENDRIX shared with his father AL in Seattle, Washington State is in danger of being demolished unless it's owners move it for a second time later this month (22FEB05).

The dilapidated building is owned by the JAMES MARSHALL HENDRIX FOUNDATION who hope to turn it into a youth centre for disadvantaged children.

It was moved a few hundred metres from its original location three years ago (2002) to make way for a new development.

City authorities lease the foundation the plot of land where the house was moved to, but they now want it to make way for more developments because no offers for the property were made.

JOHN FRANKLIN, director of operations for the mayor's office, says, "There are other potential opportunities associated with the site; we need to extinguish the lease."

RAY RAE GOLDMAN, research director for the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation, counters, "Seattle should be involved in building this community centre and this tribute to Jimi.

"When we made the original agreement, it was inferred that the city was going to help us out a little more than they did."

03/02/2005 17:50