Heida Reed finds her 'Poldark' co-star Aidan Turner ''sexy''.

Although the 28-year-old actress is loved-up with her US film producer boyfriend Sam Ritzenberg, 30, she admitted that she sees why Aidan has so many admirers.

When asked by You magazine, if she personally finds Aidan sexy, Heidi replied: ''Who doesn't? Of course! I think a part of you is always attracted to the person your character is attracted to. That's a part of my acting process.''

Heida was also impressed by Jon Hamm, when they co-starred in an episode of 'Toast of London'.

She said: ''He was in the trailer next to me and was standing outside smoking a cigarette, like Don Draper, being super cool. He's just as handsome and tall as you would think. It's not an illusion.''

However, she doesn't agree with women objectifying men.

She said: ''There are some women who think that men being objectified is some sort of cosmic retribution. I've heard: 'It's their turn now.'

''I don't think that's a progressive way of thinking. As a feminist, I think feminism is about gender equality across the board. We shouldn't objectify anyone.

''Of course, there's an element that's fun and it can be harmless, but there's also a serious element.''

While Heidi and Los Angeles-based Sam live on different continents, they are spending the summer together on a road trip along the west coast of America and she insisted they are just enjoying getting to know each other.

She explained: ''It's new, just a few months and we're at a really fun stage. It's lovely. We're both aware that we're very good on our own - that's important. Get on with it and enjoy being on your own when you are, and then enjoy being together.''

Heidi is close to her 'Poldark' co-stars but admitted that she rarely sees Aidan when they're not working as he lives in Dublin, while most of the rest of the cast live in London.

The actress - who is from Iceland - said: ''If friendship was the only thing I got out of being in 'Poldark', I would have been happy. I see them all the time and I know they'll be in my life forever. There's Eleanor [Tomlinson, who plays Demelza], Ruby [Bentall, who plays Verity Poldark], Jack [Farthing, who plays George Warleggan], Kyle [Francis] and Luke [Norris, who plays Dr Dwight Enys]. Aidan is part of it too, but he's very busy and doesn't live in London like the rest of us - he's in Dublin.

''Last year I took Eleanor, Jack, Kyle and Ruby to Iceland for a week - we drove around and spent some time in my grandmother's cottage. Iceland has always been known for its incredible otherworldly landscape and quirkiness.''