SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY'S wife HEATHER has hit back at media reports the couple's marriage is in trouble, branding the rumours "total rubbish". The former model is furious with reports she and the former beatle are living apart, claiming she is merely resting after having surgery on her partly-amputated left leg five weeks ago (APR06). The animal rights activist claims the media started the rumours after she refused to allow pictures to be taken of her until she recovers from the surgery. She says, "Paul and I are very much together. We will one hundred percent sue on this because it is total rubbish. "Someone has put a contract on me to get a picture, which is quite sick. I have been called by one of the paparazzi guys who said that they called Paul and said if you give me a picture of her we won't chase her but if she doesn't we will. That is sick. "I am keeping my head down until I can recover properly because I don't want to give them a picture. "Paul and I are together one hundred percent. I will see him soon - I see him all the time. I can't wait to sue because I will make a fortune for my charity."