Rocker DARREN HAYMAN is recovering at home after his skull was fractured in a vicious attack following a gig on Friday (13Nov09).
The former Hefner frontman was in his car with drummer David Shepherd after performing at The Bodega Social Club in Nottingham, England when a group of teenagers approached and pulled Hayman out of the vehicle.
Hayman was beaten by one of the assailants while Shepherd tried to keep another from stealing the car. A sum of cash was taken from the musicians during the incident.
The rocker was then taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors treated his injuries, before being discharged on Monday (16Nov09) - and now he's resting at his London home, according to his wife Helen.
In a statement on Hayman's official website, his partner explains, "The full story is that he was attacked and mugged whilst parking the car after Nottingham's show.
"Nothing to do with the gig, just wrong place at the wrong time. He was discharged from hospital and is now safely back in London. There should be no long lasting damage, but he does have a linear fracture in his skull (this is the best kind apparently!) which will keep him fairly quiet for six weeks or so.
"He also has a head wound, a bit of bruising and a very nasty headache. However, they have prescribed a terrifying amount of painkillers to deal with this."
Hours before the attack, Hayman updated his page with the eerie message: "I'm in Nottingham. Most violent city in U.K. I'm told. Come see me play!"