HAVEN guitarist NAT WASON played through the pain barrier at Britain's V FESTIVAL over the weekend (16/17AUG03).

Wason is suffering from Bell's Palsy, an extremely rare and aggressive condition that paralyses parts of the face, impeding its motor functions and causing severe disfigurement.

Although the condition is temporary, symptoms are similar to those of a stroke. The guitarist told British music website NME.COM how he woke up three weeks ago with the right half of his face frozen.

He said, "I don't know what had happened, my eye wouldn't close. I think it's like, you've got to stop every now and then and let your body catch up with you and let your mind catch up with what's been happening, and I think I was just putting all that to one side, because we were just involved in what we were doing.

"I think it's my body's way of telling me to chill out for a couple of weeks. The (doctors) said, 'You've bottled too much up, you've been worrying about too much s*** and getting too p***ed off, too angry.'"

21/08/2003 09:32