Former TV LOIS LANE TERI HATCHER dreams of turning her back on Hollywood and taking off with her daughter EMERSON in her 1978 camper van.

The actress often heads off into the California countryside and sometimes wonders why she comes back - even though she has a hit TV show, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

She explains, "We like to go camping up the coast of California in that. That's kind of our little disappearing thing that we do.

"We get in there and we take off and we have kind of final destination... but we just sort of go wherever.

"She'll just say, 'Mommy, this is all we really need. We've got our little refrigerator and our little stove and our little curtains, Scooby-Doo curtains,' and it's true. It's so 'less than'. I'm really into the 'less than'. It's all too much."

14/11/2004 10:03